Completely redesigned method of glitching. 4x faster code than previous versions and booting is twice as fast as the fastest glitchers available – yes, including R-JTAG and Slim Proto. Incredibly stable – we glitched the worst boxes we could find in less than 3 cycles (even with Slim Proto or CR3 Pro they wouldn’t boot AT ALL). 95% of boxes instaboot.

Not to mention this thing is now TINY !


We have also cracked the Corona v6 Winbond 2KB No-Glitch problem – this bad boy crushes it with no effort.


This is it ladies & gentleman. If you want the best in your 360, accept no substitute. If you are taking your box to a pro installer, demand a CR4. If you are a pro installer – we will make sure you get great bulk discounts – don’t rip your customers off with crappy mods and charging them top dollar.


Testing this final prototype right now then should go to production by next month.

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